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Bonnie Legion


California Professional Singer/Songwriter and Multi Genre Collaborative Artist. Working with Production Companies, Artists, Labels and Musical Professionals in all fields of entertainment.

Signed To Music Industry Labels such as, Musical Noize, Lohit, Starlight, Ultra, Armada, Perfecto, Sony Music. Working with Producers such as, MB Sak, Paul Oakenfold, Nidalo, Uedra, Chrisville, Luca Grignaffini, Dub Cadence, Qrittix, Ralph Sequel, Verdyboy, Amnezik, Greg Dela, Division, Clint Wagoner and more...

Shadow Of Giants Painting by Clint Wagoner


Clint is a Dallas based musician, producer, location sound mixer, and music mastering engineer.  He has been producing music, mixing, and mastering for over a two decades and has been mastering professionally for ten years. He is dedicated to achieving the highest quality sound for any project he works on. One of Clint's best qualities as a mastering engineer, is the fact that he will take the time to communicate ideas to the client that may make for a better end result.